About Fortune Academy

Fortune Academy  is a  India’s leading financial and stock training education company.Known for delivering outcomes Fortune Academy has played a key role in transforming students financially through the right financial education. Fortune Academy  has the distinction of  training thousands of students.  

Fortune Academy specializes in enabling students to ride the wave of US Stock markets and stay ahead of the game. Their forte is transforming student understanding, enhancing productivity and motivating the students to bring their best version forward in finances and personal life. Their workshops help students in realizing their vision of a secure financial future. Pradeep and pavitra have delivered programs to students across the world including countries like USA, India, Thailand, Australia.

Pavitra is renowned for delivering electrifying speeches with a powerful connection with every participant and grounded in reality. Pavitra has a unique outcome-based coaching model which has brought transformation in the lives of many students.  .She specializes in training peoplpe to set challenging but practical goals that pave the path for freedom. This is supported by a complete program that works for realization of goals

She is supported by her husband pradeep yarlagadda who is the co-founder of Fortune Academy. Pradeep Yarlagadda is an active investor,entreprenuer and business owner with over 15 years of experience with mulyiple assett classes.

pradeep and pavitra co-authored the programs of Fortune Academy.

These courses have transformed the lives of thousands of people.